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How do I enable the SPAM Filter?

The spam filtering function of EasyMail allows you to prevent unsolicited email (spam) from reaching your mailbox.

By enabling spam filtering for an account, every email which enters your inbox is evaluated and assigned a point value by an automated filter, based on the message headers and each email's content. If the point total is over a certain value, then the email is categorized as spam. The subject, message formatting and message headers are all examined for "spam-like" features.

1. Login to the Web site OS using your username and password.

2. Click on the "Email" icon.

3. Click on the "Easymail Setup" Button

4. Click on the "Spam Filtering" tab.

5. Select the account you wish to filter and check the "Enable spam Filtering" checkbox.   Click either the "Apply" button or the "OK" button to turn the spam filtering on.  

6. To disable spam filtering for an account, follow the above instructions. When you select the account, you will see that the "Enable spam Filtering" checkbox is already checked. Remove the checkmark and click either the "Apply" button or the "OK" button to complete the removal.

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